Long Ago when GOD created the Heavens and the Earth…

Below the waters surrounding Tyrtle Island, legend tellsof a giant sea creature known as the Green Guardian. This magnificent creature is said to be the protector of the mysterious wormholes hidden beneath the island. Do the wormholes hold the secret to traveling through time and space? Is it possible these Tyrtle Island myths are true? Jesse Quinn and his island friends can only find out the truth if they can unravel the ancient secrets and unlock the mysteries hidden far below Tyrtle Island.

If the legend becomes reality, then it will change Tyrtle Island history forever!

Now Available in Paperback and ebook!

The Green Guardian

The legend of the green sea creature has been passed down through the ages by islanders who claim to have seen the sea creature surfacing around the island since the very beginning. The legend of the Green Guardian is well known among the islanders. Many believe the creature protects something incredible hidden deep below the island in the underwater caverns known as the wormholes.

The Ancient Map passed down from the Meow Cat Elders

Track Boo and his friends every move as they venture across Tyrtle Island. See if you can spot where they brawl with belly birds, battle bullkats in Calico’s Cave, encounter big-toed buggers, and meet Ferrel the hermit cat!

Jesse Quinn’s Modern Day Tyrtle Island

Follow the map! Trace the tire tracks and footprints as Jesse, Boo and their island friends unravel the secrets of Tyrtle Island. As you read along see if you can find where they zoom across the rainforest on ziplines and discover Calico’s Lagoon!

A bit about Jesse Quinn

Jesse was born and raised on Tyrtle Island. He lives in Tyrtle Town with his mom, Kay Quinn. Jesse is a courageous teenage boy with a very active imagination. He has blondish brown hair and just like his cat Boo, Jesse loves any kind of adventure.

A few Tyrtle Facts…

The Tyrtle Stone: From Out of The Blue, this precious blue stone shaped like a Tyrtle, holds the secret to traveling through time and space.

Tyrtles: Since the first inhabitants of Tyrtle Island arrived, the turtle symbolized the spirit of love in motion for the Islanders. They wanted to emulate that same spirit and have referred to themselves as Tyrtles ever since.

Now Available in Paperback and ebook!