As you will see,

This book is about a cat and a mouse who do a good deed. It’s a story about a beautiful feather, a mouse named Snack, and Ferrel, the hermit cat – if you can imagine that!

Now Available in HARDCOVER, Paperback and ebook!

WHat is this adventure about?

Ferrel the hermit cat and Snack the mouse are amazed as they watch a beautiful feather float across the sky and ask the creatures on Tyrtle Island if they know how a feather can fly so high. Soon Ferrel and Snack learn from Wacky Tyrtle about God’s incredible design and why this beautiful feather can fly so high in the sky. The story also teaches Ferrel and Snack a valuable lesson: Just because you find something doesn’t always mean it’s yours to keep. They discover the beautiful feather really belongs to a chatty bird named Hiya the macaw.

The Ancient Map passed down from the Meow Cat Elders

Track Boo and his friends every move as they venture across Tyrtle Island. See if you can spot where they brawl with belly birds, battle bullkats in Calico’s Cave, encounter big-toed buggers, and meet Ferrel the hermit cat!

Jesse Quinn’s Modern Day Tyrtle Island

Follow the map! Trace the tire tracks and footprints as Jesse, Boo and their island friends unravel the secrets of Tyrtle Island. As you read along see if you can find where they zoom across the rainforest on ziplines and discover Calico’s Lagoon!

A bit More about Ferrel & Snack

Ferrel the hermit cat wanders around Tyrtle Island carrying his shell shaped home on his back. Ferrel loves to talk in rhyme and lives in dirt and grime. This peculiar cat is a legend on Tyrtle Island, and according to some, he has been around since the beginning of island time.

Snack the mouse rides on the top of Ferrel’s house. Together, they roam across their island home.

A Tyrtle Fact…

Tyrtles: Since the first inhabitants of Tyrtle Island arrived, the turtle symbolized the spirit of love in motion for the Islanders. They wanted to emulate that same spirit and have referred to themselves as Tyrtles ever since.

The world of TYRTLE ISLAND inspires readers of all ages to explore the wonders of God’s creation! Get your book today and learn more!!

Now Available in HARDCOVER, Paperback and ebook!